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Frighten netizens! Huabei one-sided users access to the central credit, can you use it if you want?

frightens netizens! Huabei one-sided users access to the central credit, can you use it if you want?    In the early morning of July 28, the topic of \ Will the minimum monthly repayment have an impact \ In this regard, ant group told shell finance reporter of Beijing news that since Huabei was announced to be in full bloom in May 2018, dozens of financial institutions have participated in serving Huabei users. Recently, according to the request of financial institutions, it is necessary to upgrade the service of one-sided users in order to provide users with high-quality services, including the approval of credit reference authorization.

What does the transition of

Huabei mean for light users? What are the turning points worth paying attention to?

How to refresh itself? Is it connected to the central bank for credit reference?

According to the answer from ant group, the service provision of one-sided users has been upgraded recently, including the need for users to approve credit reference authorization.

shell financial reporter found that now my Alipay account flower has authorized the upload of credit fast three automatic betting hangup software, authorized soon after three automatic betting hangup software, you can find in the Alipay APP, \

reporters decided to ask Alipay customer service to quickly three automatic betting and hanging software, users can decide to spend flowers - I agree with the product and indicate the query, if there is \

It is stipulated in the power of attorney that, for the necessity of handling the authorized business, the authorized person is allowed to inquire and exercise his reputation news and reputation notice from the financial reputation news basic database of the people's Bank of China in accordance with the principles of photographic, appropriate and necessary.

In fact, according to the reporter Xiaochang, as early as in previous years, some users signed the power of attorney, but the user group reporting the data is more popular, so it has attracted more attention.

netizens have different attitudes about Huabei's operation. Some netizens think that \ What's the impact of

on users?

reporters after asking Alipay, Xiao Hua has come to the conclusion that there are three main influences on the overdue period. First, the function of flowers and flowers will be directly limited after the expiration date. If the subsequent repayment can be resumed, the system can not be assessed on time, and the man-made can not interfere. Second, the overdue negative record after the overdue response will send sesame fame to the sesame seed, and third, overdue. There will be a late fee for response.

what is worth picking is that sesame reputation and the Central Bank of credit investigation are mutually independent, and the data and news are not shared now. Therefore, sesame reputation will not directly report the overdue records of customers to the central credit reporting center of central bank.

However, after the credit investigation with the central bank, the situation changed. Zeng Gang, deputy director of the national finance and development laboratory, told shell financial reporters that Huabei's one-sided user's access to the central bank for credit reporting has a foreign impact on users' exercise. However, from the perspective of risk control, financial institutions can clean up the number of customers' total loans, whether there is a default record, and how the default situation is, which can let institutions including Huabei choose among their customers When it comes to reputation services, it is better to adopt pricing, quota determination and risk control.

\ Will overdue repayment affect loans?

According to Xiaochang, the reputation record can record in detail and realistically the situation of the young people's debt repayment in the bank office, in accordance with the compliance and compliance with the law. There are not only the records of repayment on time, but also the records of not paying the money on time or borrowing money. At present, our reputation records are mainly accumulated in the credit reference system of the people's Bank of China, and they are selected from me in the form of reputation notice.

The reputation record of Liangyi is helpful to obtain loans from bank walk quickly. Under the same conditions, customers with high reputation record can obtain loans from bank walk faster, enjoy lower interest rate and obtain reputation loan without necessary mortgage.

At the same time, in recent years, some units have also taken reputation records into consideration when employing. Under the same conditions, priority should be given to candidates with better reputation records.

However, if you are always in debt or overdraft, you will be sued to the court by the bank. If you can be included in the list of people who have been taken out of time, you will be punished by various authorities. If you leave, you will encounter various obstacles and high consumption will be limited, such as not being able to take a plane.

In real life, when buying a house, buying a car, consuming and starting a business, young people can involve in bank loan service. Therefore, if the reputation is not secure, it will affect the normal loan movement.

In order to maintain a more favorable reputation record, young people should live within their means of income, not too much debt, and solemnly choose the means of repayment to ensure that the repayment is on schedule and in full, and avoid showing overdue. If there are overdue records, repayment should be made as soon as possible and measures should be taken to avoid recurrence. At the same time, do not wantonly guarantee for others, cherish the identity news of interest itself, so as to avoid being used by criminals and cause adverse impact on reputation records.

Pan Yichun, shell finance reporter of Beijing News